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Was awesome

You were a super divine host. So natural and fun to be around. Thank you for a divine workshop xx

So cuuuute

I love my present.loved it getting a surprise special message. Loved the interaction with the owner for the delivery. Super happy

Queen Bee Desk Buddy Blob

Absolutely seamless purchase and delivery process! And I am so in love with my Queen Bee.

3x Ceramic Ring Bowls

Thank you for 3 beautiful bowls! This is a very special gift for each of my bridesmaids and I am sure they will also love it.
Thank you for the special touch that you've added to each of them!

❤Birthday Bespoke Blob ❤

My friend absolutely adores her Wildling Mini Blob! It is an exact replica of her Indian Ringneck and I'm honestly in awe of how talented Danielle is.
100000/10 will recommend

Workshop experience

We spent 2 great days in the heart of Cape Town, getting in touch with our creative sides and having good fun. Learnt a lot, ate great food and spent some time with my bestie. Would highly recommend the experience - great gift idea too!

So stunning!! The gold letters came out so much brighter than I expected!!


So beautiful how these finish off the nursery so perfectly!!

Absolutely love my kitty blobs!

I got kitty blobs made as gifts for my sister and mom and they are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to give them their gifts - they are going to be over the moon! Thank you for the excellent service and gorgeous products!

Love our plate

Our beautiful plate will serve many a special meal to our darling boy, thank you so much.

Beautiful little Snow Fox

I love my mini Snow Fox! He's so cute and beautifully made. He makes the perfect little desk companion and a great idea for future gifts :) Thanks so much!



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